The Experience

My clients enjoy having the diamond buying process tailored to them, with attention to education and an emphasis on comparing stones.  I take my connections with diamond wholesalers in NYC, Chicago and LA and make their stones available to you.  The great part about this is I can source you a diamond in any budget, size or shape.


The Process

1. First we meet to go over diamond grading.  This meeting generally takes 40 minutes to an hour.  I spend time talking about what to pay attention to with each of the 4 C’s.  We talk about the specifics of what you are looking for, and what will fit your lifestyle.  Buying a diamond is not about how much or little you spend, but on finding a stone that will make you and your partner happy and excited.

2. We then schedule another meeting to look at stones that fit your criteria and budget.  Comparing stones side by side is really the best way to understand color and clarity grading.  The smallest difference in a stone can affect the price significantly.  Looking in a microscope and under a color grading light helps you understand how the diamonds are priced and what goes into diamond grading.

3. In selecting a diamond I generally meet with my clients 1-3 times before we settle on the perfect stone.  I like to spend as much time as possible making sure I have answered questions and explored every option.



It is always good to check with me before buying a diamond online.  Seeing stones in person makes a difference and can actually save you money.  Many of my clients end up choosing a different color/clarity than what they would have purchased “blindly” online.

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Diamond Education