Engagement Rings 



CAD Design

My goal is to help you create the ring of your dreams.  It is a collaborative effort to create a piece that fits your lifestyle, will last a lifetime and includes design elements that light you up.  I strive to listen and understand my clients design ideas and then help them come to life.

Most of my design work is done with CAD.  The best part of this process is that we are able to make changes to the design together, and you can see the finished product images before we cast.  This takes so much of the guesswork out of designing.

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Select Your Diamond or Stone

• We work together to learn about the 4 C’s while I give you my best diamond buying advice. 

• Compare stones and look at them under a microscope in the comfort of my private office.

• I work to educate my clients so that they have the tools to confidently choose the stone that best fits their desires.

Custom CAD Renderings

We then discuss design and look at elements that you would like to include in your ring.  We talk about measurements and overall look of the ring.  I then work with my CAD team to create renderings of the design.  Designing your ring in CAD gives you the opportunity to see your ring and make small adjustments to the design before it is cast.

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CAD Renderings

Examples of 3D CAD Designs


Finished Ring

Your final design, brought to life!


"My engagement ring is truly perfect. Somehow Lauren and my fiancé were able to design and create the ring
of my dreams without me even knowing what I wanted myself."


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