A fresh approach
to buying jewelry


The Experience

For so many people buying a piece of jewelry or creating an engagement ring is more daunting than it is exciting.  In my boutique office we are able to sit one-on-one and discover what your options are and what really excites you.  I believe that education is key to having my clients feel confident in their gems and designs. Jewelry has so much inner meaning and outer beauty and now the process of creating it will add depth to the experience.

Signature Offerings




Want to find out the value of your beloved heirloom or gemstone? We offer independent appraisal services.


Engagement Rings


Engagement Rings


Interested in a custom-designed engagement ring?
We can help you design your jewelry or mimic a style
you already fell in love with.



Ring Restyling

Already have some gems and need to create a piece of jewelry?
 I can help there as well!


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We can't wait to meet you.